Bouncing Castles Cyprus

A bit of Bouncing Castle History

Bouncy castles have been entertaining children for years in Cyprus. Popular at out door events such as village fetes and galas, increasingly more people are now hiring bouncy castles for private parties. Part of the appeal with bouncy castles is that children of all ages can enjoy them, all you need to do is bounce up and down and you’re laughing!

Bouncy Castles

The following article is about bouncy castles and other inflatable structures that are available to hire for kids birthday and other parties.


Bouncy castles are the original and most widely recognized of all inflatable structures. Bouncy castles are usually large enough to hold five or six children at a time and are available in a variety of different designs and sizes.

The first bouncy castle was devised in Britain by John Scurlock in the late nineteen fifties. While experimenting with different designs and materials for covering tennis courts, Scurlock created an inflatable cover to protect the court from environmental damage. During the testing stages of his new idea Scurlock noticed that his employees could bounce on the air filled covers and that they appeared to be enjoying it!

After the idea of using the inflatable covers as entertainment for kids dawned on him, Scurlock founded his own company. Originally only inflatable walkways were produced and manufactured by the company. As these walkways grew in popularity Scurlock’s company started to experiment with new designs and began to add walls amongst other modifications. Windows were added and the design started to take shape until we arrived at the classic bouncy castle we all know and recognize today.

Other Inflatables

Apart from bouncy castles there are other popular inflatables available for outdoor games. The following are popular inflatables that can be hired from bouncy castle suppliers.

Pillow Fighting is a great way to let off a little steam at a party! The inflatable set up is a fairly simple platform that is suspended about four feet over a ball pit or similar soft padding. Contenders climb the sides of the pit and mount the thin platform that hangs over the length of it. The contenders then meet in the middle of the platform and sit facing each other armed with pillows. The contenders fight until one player remains on the platform.

Inflatable Sumo Wrestling is another great game for kids of all ages. Padded suits are provided which are fully protective and let the wearer adopt the guise of a sumo wrestler. The game has the same rules as traditional sumo wrestling with two players trying to force each other out of the ring. The suits are all larger than life giving everyone who plays a fair chance to win.